Benoit Thierry – FRANCE

Global Man Award – FRANCE

Benoit Thierry President and Co-Founder of Leadership School of Paris; Operational and Organizational Strategy Consultant, Executive Coaching and Management Coaching.

Benoit Thierry, with a military career of almost 20 years, began to accompany people, teams and companies for 5 years. It is with pleasure and passion that he promotes the alliance of the expression of potential, creativity and performance.

A skilled scientist, he brings together all the richness and diversity of experiences acquired both in his professional and personal activities. With this wealth and diversity, Benoit puts his qualities of self- improvement, excellence and leadership at the service of individuals, management teams and companies.

It is from this professional wealth and from a meeting, that Leadership School of Paris was born. The desire to offer business leaders and directors a place, an ecosystem, a sanctuary to allow them to take the time and the necessary distance to go further together, through a holistic and systemic approach. This desire is reflected in the Leadership School of Paris with the personality and vision of his associate, Aude Latouche, who accompanies shareholders-leaders brilliantly in every moment of life of their company.

Benoit Thierry has a military career in the unit and training center of Nuclear Defence, Biological and Chemical; then to the Unit of Assistance to the wounded of the Land French Army where he notably accompanied their social reintegration and professional reconversion of numerous injured soldiers with post-traumatic stress syndrome. A Man with many facets:

A Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator certified by Centrale Paris Executive Education, Facilitator of Success Factor Modeling® ( Entrepreneur New Generation, Generative Collaboration and Conscious Leadership and resilience) certified by Robert Dilts and Dilts Strategy Group and Master Facilitator of Generative Mastermind Group certified by Mastermind Business Academy, it allows many companies to reinvent themselves and define new strategies.

Master NLP Coach, he is also trained in other skills (Enneagram, Ericksonian hypnosis, Mastermind Generativ Group …) that allow him to take into account the human in all its dimensions.

A multi-faceted artist (dance, theater, design), he was co-administrative manager of a show company. Sportsman and competitor since a young age (rugby, paintball, and running), he continues to train daily to maintain the taste of surpassing oneself.

Active in multiple networks, he has been the founder, president and treasurer of many associations and friendships.

Benoit Thierry is deeply turned towards others and the collective.

His deep belief: Everything is possible. Its key words: authenticity and action. His vision: One only goes faster, Together, we go further (African Proverb)

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