GLOBAL WOMAN Leadership AWARD-chicago’s

Lucy Brady

With an eye toward delivering a modern, progressive customer experience and strong shareholder returns, Lucy Brady oversees strategy, planning and business development for McDonald’s. She...
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LaTanya McDade

Since assuming the role of CPS’ Chief Officer for Teaching and Learning (T&L) in 2016, LaTanya D. McDade has prioritized instructional equity and excellence for...
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Jasmine Finley

With more than 18 years in the financial accounting and management sector, Jasmine Finley has worked with highly regarded corporations across the academia, healthcare and...
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Julia Kanouse

Julia leads the overall strategic direction and management of the association. She’s focused on strengthening and expanding the member value proposition to increase the ITA’s...
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Diana Farrell

Diana Farrell is the founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the JPMorgan Chase Institute. Previously, Diana was a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company...
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Andrea Zopp

Andrea Zopp is the President and CEO of World Business Chicago, where she leads the organization’s mission of inclusive economic growth, supporting businesses, and promoting...
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