Ellen Mossin Olesen – NORWAY

Leadership Award – GWC Norway – Oslo


Ellen have been leading people for more than 20 years. As a manager and entrepreneur, she is concerned about having active values. Values that matter. In 2003 she started Reaktorskolen. The basic idea was to create a value-based course center, with a living vision, for job seekers. When she left the school in December 2014, it was more than 300 employees in 48 locations and most important – over 100,000 jobseekers had been on courses since the start. In 2015 she traveled, with backpack and high heels on a values expedition, hunting for active values and social responsibility in business cultures.
She say it is important to live as one learns: “It is our actions, how we treat people – and what we do in practice, which honestly tells us what values we live. For me, it is crucial that the company values are not just word in a presentation, but means something for people and society. They must be used in practice and permeate the business. The values help us make important choices and right decisions and they must be active to mean something.” 



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