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Global Woman is an international network unifying (business) women of all ages, cultures and race globally. All women who are part of the network have something in common: the drive and the passion to succeed in business or their chosen vocation and to collaborate.

Mirela Sula, the CEO and Founder of Global Woman, started the first Global Woman Club three years ago in London. Today Global Woman Club is present in 27 different clubs in 18 countries, but also a branding and marketing powerhouse, where women can share their inspirational or business stories. Mirela’s motto is: “If you want to empower a woman, give her a microphone”.

By introducing the Global Woman National Awards in Germany, we would like to offer a possibility of not only voting for the talented, knowledgeable, conscious and brilliant women and men in Germany, but also spreading the word about their accomplishments with the rest of the world.

Global Woman Club Frankfurt – the first and currently only club in Germany – was opened in October 2018 by Maike Benner and Lilli Rohde, founders of MaLish. Thus, for the first time, the German public can NOW vote for 48 women and 6 men in 9 different categories until the 30th of April. The 9 national winners will enter the international voting from the 31st of May until 7th of July. The winners will be announced during the Global Woman Summit (13th and 14th of July) in London.

“We encourage you to take the chance to vote for your favourite in each of the categories – and make sure you stay in touch for the upcoming results!” (Maike and Lilli, directors Global Woman Club Frankfurt).

For additional information on Global Woman and the founder Mirela Sula, please scroll to the end of the page.

Inspirational Global Woman Awards 2019 will be part of the Global Woman Summit 2019 on
13th - 14th July in London

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The history of Global Woman

Today Global Woman Club is not only a networking opportunity once a month in 24 different countries, but also a Branding and Marketing powerhouse. Associated with the Club are the Global Woman Magazine (print and online), the Business Woman Today, Global Woman TV Show and Global Woman Talkshow. Big media partners such as Sky, Reuters TV and cooperations with well-known companies such as Success Resources, Academy of Leadership, the bestYou and others, help facilitate events, conferences, workshops, masterminds and summits all around the world.

Whatever we do, the mission remains the same: Global Woman Business Club helps women to build their confidence and belief that they can be successful in whatever they do. We help them build their brand and create awareness about their projects through our media platform.

Global Woman Club Frankfurt

Frankfurt is not only the financial and transportation hub of Germany with tourism, tradeshows and successful businesses, it is also one of the incubators for start-ups and entrepreneurs and has a strong networking and after work community.

The Frankfurt director are Maike Benner and Lilli Rohde, running their own consultancy firm called Malish and are the director double for Frankfurt. To find out more and how to join a monthly meeting on every 14th of the month, check out (hyperlink: https://globalwomanclub.com/frankfurt-germany/ )

Mirela Sula – Founder of Global Woman

Mirela Sula has worked in media and education for the last 20 years and has speaking experience all around the world. Her background takes in psychology and counselling, journalism, teaching, coaching, women’s rights and media training. Mirela is CEO and the founder of Global Woman magazine and Global Woman Club, with the recent acquisition of ‘The Business Woman Today’, an online network exclusively for women in business. Mirela is also the organiser of the Global Woman Summit and Global Woman Awards. She has appeared on “London Live TV”, “BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hours”, “Sky TV”, “Channel 5” and also featured at the “Evening Standard” and “The Guardian”.

Mirela is author of several books. Her last self-help book ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ was a best seller and is also published in America and Turkey. Mirela has created clubs for women in 26 countries and has helped hundreds of women to unlock their potential, set up their goals and achieve their dreams. She also has created Migrant Woman Talks, a platform that invites women to share their stories and experience of life in a new country.

Mirela has received many awards for her work, including the ‘Inspirational Award for Women 2015’ for Human Rights, the ‘Best Up-And-Coming Inspirational Influencer’ Award from The Best You, in 2017 and the Universum Donna Award 2017 from the Universum Academy of Switzerland. She received The Best Book of the Year from The Author’s Awards in 2016 for her book, ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind’ and her new book, ‘Struggle to Success’, 50 Inspiring Stories of Migrant Women, was launched at the House of Parliament on the 11th December. In December 2017 Mirela won the “Entrepreneur of The Year Award” from the Wealth Dragons, and ended the year in the list of the OOOM 100: THE WORLD’S MOST INSPIRING PEOPLE. In 2018, Mirela was awarded with the MPower Business National Award in UK.

Mirela is passionate about empowering women worldwide and always stands up for, inclusion, diversity, gender balance and supporting the next generation. Her mission is to create a global movement to improve women’s future, one economically empowered woman at a time. She uses her years of experience in teaching and leadership to inspire and motivate women around the world, working with them to deliver career and life changing results beyond expectation. Her aim is to reach one million women entrepreneurs by 2020 for her Global Woman Club.