Gwendolyn Perry Davis

As a native Chicagoan, Gwendolyn Perry Davis is committed to ensuring that our city has accessible and engaging experiences for youth and adults regardless of race, gender, or class.

“This is why I am so pleased to be working at the Museum of Contemporary Art where Chicagoans can count on seeing work by the most important artists working right now. This month, we have a major exhibition on the extraordinary African-American woman artist Howardena Pindell, who, as the first curator of color in a major U.S. museum, was an important pioneer in the field for so many of today’s museum professionals. I really connect with this exhibition because Howardena straddles the role of curator/artist/activist/educator in compelling ways through her work, which speaks to so many relevant social issues today. It is important that audiences of all ages — particularly youth under 18, who are free at the MCA — experience her contributions to history and the impact on our lives.”

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