Jasmine Finley

With more than 18 years in the financial accounting and management sector, Jasmine Finley has worked with highly regarded corporations across the academia, healthcare and not-for-profit industries to effectively manage cash flow and maximize revenue. Currently, Jasmine serves as the Director of Finance for the University of Chicago Department of Radiology where she is responsible for the development and oversight of a $80M operational budget. In this role, Jasmine also develops business plans and financial models for all major service programs and initiatives, in addition to making contributions to the strategic planning and policy development processes.

Jasmine’s unique gift is such – helping others to analyze internal and external resources in an effort to create new ideas, innovation, products as well as to enhance market share. She has proven to be a great asset to for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, alike, with her skill to increase capacity through infrastructure development. Notably, Jasmine streamlined procurement, documentation and reporting processes for a seven-location, national not-for-profit organization. Additionally, she transitioned the organization from small business banking to commercial banking in working with senior leadership to create a sustainable business model and establish a healthy financial department.

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