Konnie Labecki – FRANCE


Konnie Labecki is CEO and founder of Simply Organized with Konnie. A speaker and author, she holds certifications as an NLP Coach (American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Professional Organizer (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) with training from the American Board of Hypnosis. Konnie provides training, coaching and consulting to individuals and small businesses owners where her mission is to motivate and inspire professionals to uncover and develop their strengths, light and queen/kinghood through releasing what holds them back i.e. limiting beliefs and physical, emotional and mental clutter. Thus, creating space for truth, clarity, passions, and the ability to thrive and live a First Class Life – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Konnie is the ultimate organizer even during a 15-year successful corporate career in the Asset

Management. With a B.Sc. in Financial Management & Markets, hired to handle private clients and pension funds, her expertise and love for organizing, decluttering, team productivity, and simplifying systems was recognized and she ended up wearing two hats…..the latter her preference.

An accumulation of emotional, physical and mental triggers in 2012 resulted in a personal

transformation and decision to leave the corporate life to pursue her passion and acquire training.

“Simply Organized with Konnie” was launched in 2015. Balancing moving countries, a first-time

mom, creating a new life and business, she realized first-hand the importance of high performing and productive habits. This plays out in her services, 1:1 on-site and virtually, where she coaches on Organizing, High Performance and Productivity using powerful Mindset techniques and systems to overcome physical clutter, and mental and emotional blocks.

Konnie is the ultimate networker. A member of Global Women Club, she delights in exchanging

ideas and meeting inspirational women to collaborate, support and build life-long friendships.


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