LaTanya McDade

Since assuming the role of CPS’ Chief Officer for Teaching and Learning (T&L) in 2016, LaTanya D. McDade has prioritized instructional equity and excellence for all CPS students. Mrs. McDade has streamlined work and reduced waste by aligning T&L’s programs to district priorities and advocating for the consistent, formal evaluation/ROI assessment of services and supports provided by central office departments. As a veteran educator, she also challenged the efficacy of traditional education models and initiated the PK-12 Curriculum System Project to modernize instructional practices across the district.

In her previous role as Chief Officer for Network 12, Mrs. McDade led the transformation and expansion of instruction-centered programs for a diverse portfolio of 37 elementary and high schools, yielding the highest gains across all networks for NWEA in Literacy and Math, Grade 3 -8. In her tenure as a network chief, Mrs. McDade served as a member of the Joint Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) Negotiation Team, the CPS/CTU committee charged with developing the district’s first standards-based evaluation system for educators.

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