Real game changers see a problem & know in their heart that they have to find a solution for it. That’s exactly what 19 year old Lili Leisser started to do by creating a Cyber-Mobbing game that’s goal is to represent the reality & danger of online bullying that many students go through these days. The intention with this game is to re-create a real life situation of cyber-mobbing that helps raise awareness for the topic between students & teachers. Seeing the toughness of the online world in her surroundings as well, she knew she had to do something against it. For 3 years she has learned everything she could about programing from youtube tutorials and classes she took, and stayed determined to make her idea a reality.  Recently she started her law studies at the University of Vienna & her future plans are to further analyse cyber-mobbing from a political & legal side as well. Laura is a real inspiration for other young women showing them the importance of going after their ideas and making waves even in a male driven industry.