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Mirela Sula, the CEO and Founder of Global Woman, started the Global Woman Club in Amsterdam as one of the very first clubs two years ago. For this mission Giovana Vega, the Regional Director in Holland, was chosen as one of the three first Global Woman Directors in the world. The Directors of Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Paris are called the Global Woman Pioneers, and have been leading the way for the many clubs that have followed. By introducing the Global Woman National Awards in Holland, we would like to offer a possibility of not only voting for the talented, knowledgeable, conscious and brilliant women and men in Holland, but also spreading the word about their accomplishments with the rest of the world. We encourage you to take the chance to vote for your favourite in each of the categories – and make sure you stay in touch for the upcoming results! Global Woman Club Amsterdam and The Hague in Holland have attracted women not only from the capital, but also from other parts of the country, from the south all the way up to the north. The members have joined for the possibility of networking, connecting and sharing their messages from stage, as well as supporting each other. The women in the club have all kinds of backgrounds and professions, and are united by generosity and a willingness to grow. About the Global Woman Club’s mission in Holland, Giovana Vega says: “this is the era of women and this is our time to live in our full potential.” Global Woman Club Holland is there to help their members become the best versions of themselves, to celebrate diversity and generate positive energy by combining business and holistic approach at the same time. We welcome you at any time in one of our 27 clubs worldwide

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Inspirational Global Woman Awards 2019 will be part of the Global Woman Summit 2019 on
13th-14th July in London

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